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Photo's and Clippings

   Doing "Betsy's Journey" Live in
           Athens,Ga  2004

   Doing "Dust In The Wind" with
   John Elefante (Kansas) 2005

Doing "16 Tons" with Tom Kegley
  at the 2007 G.I.P. conference
          Charleston, SC

         Humble beginnings
         Nashville, TN 1973

 About 5 days before I auditioned for this gig I decided I was tired of having long hair so I cut it all off. (Bad timing.)(ha)

 My friend Ernie Garter and his Martin D-28 that we drove to Washington,DC and bought I believe in 1971.

 I believe this photo was taken in 1975. The Boogie Amp is the 298th boogie ever made.(it has since been sold).
The guitar is a 1971 Gibson ES-335 with a Black finish. This guitar ended up in the hands of songwriting great Troy Seals (who wrote "Rock and Roll Heart" for Eric Clapton and many others). I called him up to see if I could buy it back from him and it had been stolen from his office on music row. I wish I still had this really amazing guitar. The Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp is a 1966 model and it's not going anywhere.

        "Wash Me Clean"
        From the new CD
     "Just Passing Through"
     !! Now available !! at:
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